Saturday, July 03, 2010

Despicable Me

We got invited to a special viewing of Despicable Me about a week ago. I was SO good.
Awesome animation thats so clean and detailed, great plot, really funny comedy, and good characters.
It's not at all what I expected. I probably rate it 8/10. I'll probably also get it on iTunes when it is released there.
I even liked it better than some pixar films which are my favorites.

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! (do not read on if you do not want the plot review. May contain spoilers)

This is about gru. A villain who is feeling under appreciated because of the newer and younger villains
who are turing more evil and smarter than him. He needs a great idea to cause tons of trouble.
He comes up with stealing the moon. Whoa. In order to make this plan work, he'll need a shrink ray
which is currently in the hands of another villain, Vector, who Gru dislikes greatly.
He needs to steal the shrink ray from him and to do that, he uses 3 girls who are selling cookies to Vector.
I won't spoil how he does that.

So after spending lots of time with the girls he begins liking them and he continuously becomes less and less evil.
Thats all I'll give away.

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Dreamtree D said...

Hey. It's me.(Dreemtree)I think why should he be called a super-villan if he is becoming less evil?Maby I should see despicable me to find out.any way, nice talking to you.:)