Thursday, April 24, 2008

The harry potter book order (and code)

1.prisoner of azkaban PAGE 81 1st sentence last letter

2.goblet of fire page 341 13th line last letter and page 501 3rd line 4th to last letter

3.sorcerers stone page 151 1st sentence 9th word 2nd and 3rd letter and page 257 1st sentence 20th letter
4.deathly hallows page 451 2nd letter and page 502 3rd line 1st letter and 3rd word 2nd to last letter and 3rd letter
5.half blood prince page 303 3rd line 2nd word and page 598 4th line 1st letter and 8th letter and 5th line 10th word 1st 2 letters
6.order of pheonix page 157 8th word 1st letter,6th line 3rd letter and 7th letter and 5th letter

sorry but I don't own chamber of secrets please try to decode the code!