Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

I don't know about that

"I don't know about that" I declared,"besides I think I'm coming up with the chicken pox" I lied.It was my brother Mobillion he does not have one single phobia and no allergies.I was in bed convinced I would not look for the golden banana .So who cares all I will get is a million dollars a lifetime supply of bananas,and the banana in the most famous monkseum in the world!Okay I admit those are good no great no SPECTACULARLY AMAZING prizes but I mean some of those obstacles are pretty harsh I'm talking life for death situations but all Mobillion answered was "come on it will be an adventure" yeah it sure will be I thought I hate when my brother says "come on it will be an adventure" that means I'm going no matter what.
"well alright." I said if I was going to go I did not want to waste time so I got my suitcase put in my clock binoculars ETC...I am going to regret this I thought.

Momemillion Mooloo and the Quest for the Golden Banana

Hello,I am a fellow monkey here in the beloved town or if you insist jungle (but we have built a town like place here)of monkaynia .My name is Moris MoMo Mooloo but I would dearly enjoy it if you perhaps call me MOMEMILLION MOOLOO! I am a detective here and allergic to pineapples and Arabian bananas.I do enjoy both of them but when I eat them I burst in to a ton of purple polka dots (I tell you how I figured that out later whew!)I am a brontophobic ,emetaphobic,triskeidekaphobic,claustrophobic,and afraid of heights but I don't know what that phobia is.I have been wondering about the ancient golden banana that the Japanese monkeys hid 7.2 million years ago in the ancient temple of king monkayona.There are many obstacles to guard the banana and because of all my phobias I'm not sure I can manage but you never know.....