Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another Poem Called double decker ice cream cone

chocalate covered peanuts ,sweet nuts spinkle definetly no guts.vannila or a filling ceamy soft and slippery,well what flavor do you choose you know I know it's up to you.What..What did you say? Oh no ice cream cones today.

A Poem Called Gross

Furry,slimy,down your back,ushy ,gushy,warn out snack,goopy,blobby,loopy,froliky,trash mash,and dead fish..what is this?!The opposite of my room.

told on a saturday by a boy who needs to get out of the house!

Fave colors 2

1.not too shiny silver

3.sea green


5.forest green

6.bright orange


8.royal blue oops! I forgot to put that earlier!


Where should he go first?



3.New York City



6.Gobi Dessert

What will you choose? Say in your comment !

! part 2

Oh in the name of...of....peter rabbit!why why now ...why are the jelly beans guarded! Oh I should have known there my brothers favorite candy...Hmmm now what.Oh of course its so obvious I've gotta start the journey!Hmmm where should I go first?

You decide where he goes first on the next post vote in your comment!

late sequal to indiana jones

PUE PUE PUE!!!! Indiana looked up and SAMURIES!He got his pistol and ran as fast as one could not paying attention to the ground - which was a bad thing.He tripped on a vine.As he wiped a smudge of dirt off his shirt another arrow came at him.A split second before the arrow hit Indiana he ducked....BUT

read new post tommorow!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It is told that there is a glowing jelly bean deep somewhere in the earth and of course someone has to find it....but who will that be.Simple ME RALPH!
Now the packing (my favorite part,and the hardest) okay so I need to find the secret under ground passage to my brothers room.Kay let us see let us ignore the sound of the breeze ,the songs of the birds and most important ignore the cereal commercial.Hmmm it should be under this lamp ummm... hugh! what! AAAAHHH! BAM! here now lets get that comic some legos and of course that batman key chain and..what else OH! I almost forgot! jelly beans!BEEB BEEB BEEB WHAT? ALL tell tomorrow but...Uhoh.......

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Favorite levels in lego starwars the complete saga

1.The kashyyyk level in episode 3
2.Discovery on kamino
3.Queen amidalas castle
4.bounty hunter chase
5.droid factory
6.pod race
7.emporer palpatiness place episode 3
8.Darth vader
9.jedi battle episode 2
10.darth maul

As you can see the only levels were from episodes 1-3 because I didn't get any further.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Top 10 favorite star wars characters

1.R2 & C3po
2.Hans solo
4.Jar Jar Binks
6.Anikan (boy)
8.Darth Vader
9.Leia Ogana (princess Leia)
10.Boba fett
I hope you agree!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

To Jonah

A while ago jonah my cousin commented to make a captain zoom under water with electrifying octipuses . Well thats going to happen hopefully in a weekin the first episode of the new series and a picture of carpel sarcosi brother of sarco,the latest super villian(read post above) well bu bye!

Captain Zooms new

I am going to begin a whole new story. What made him a super hero... how would he meet Astro A. Comment ideas they might be in the story. And I will discribe the new super villian. Favorite food-lima beans (captain zoo cant eat these)
Favorite weapon-lightmyphyer pronounced lyt mo fyer

Favorite book-How to be a super villian by an alien in the stolen galaxy on planet kidna-per

He is bright blue with green blue spots and a red uniform
See Ya!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Indiana Jones and the unknown treasure of Japan part 1

ZOOM! Indiana was on his friends plane and was going from Cairo to south Japan.Indi forced the plane door open and jumped out(with a paraglide). He landed in a dark misty jungle.Voom! Indiana dived an arrow looking to see where it came from....... Read the next episode Preview tomorrow!

Indiana Jones and the unknown treasure of Japan part 1

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

star wars the complete saga wii game
My family got the Wii this Christmas,each of us got a game. I got star wars the complete saga.In the game you work through all 6 episodes and theres 160 levels!It is so awsome. Happy holidays!