Friday, October 20, 2006

haunted house a poem by me

gohsts all glitter up in the moon. Goblins bouncing grabing you. Go to basement see what you find maybe a zombie a mummie whos blind.A scarecrow whos scary 10 bats who all scream.A pumpkin moonshine with a firery beam.All the rooms are lit up dark.What a fun amusment park!


Salem said...

Ralph you are so talented. You are already a better writer than me. I really liked this poem. You should write some more.

jared said...

ralph i love your poems/stories and check your blog every single day (even if i don't comment all the time)

I think you could be a writer, a poet, a musician(the 'great feast' song) OR be like this guy

please keep posting cool stuff tough guy!