Saturday, August 16, 2008

Utah was awesome

First we went to Saint George and saw the Urquarts and the Stanleys awesome new house.we went to a cool water park called Sand hollow we also had some sweet sleepovers and watched this funny in boys opinion movie called Clubhouse detectives .Then we picked up mom in salt lake mom had been in California with aunt jordan and uncle Paul and did bloggng things.then we headed to Mendon to visit grandma and grandpa mac and Aunt Megan and uncle Salem with Ben and Jared.We did cool stuff there and got awesome snowcones and rockclimbing things and also cool art projects.From there we went to the Fawsons for the 2nd time which is probably the coolest house i've seen.We went with The salem stanleys and Grandma mac.We said our good byes and headed to provo to visit The Blair cousins! we visited BYU and stayed with Grandma and grandpa blair.It was awesome. We also went to a pig roast which was sweet and had a barbeque.Then with acouple other Jim blair cousins and uncle Jim we went see the SABEES (i'm almost sure I speeled that wrong.)we went to a Rodio!!!!!!!!! Watched Napoleon Dynamite and played at a cool park.from there we headed back to saint george.this time seeing aunt sara ,uncle steve,Zella and ruth.we did cool under water pictures and went to cool pools.and had more cool sleepovers. this song is one I made up in saint george that won't really make sense to most of you.Here jonah, "parsley my love you are my dove every day I dream of you and when I cry your there when i sigh I want to marry you!' i wanna live in Utah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mom in Mendon said...

Ralph, If you can't live in Utah, please pick Russia as a second choice so we can see you!
Love, Grandma