Sunday, October 12, 2008

Norman Rockwell Museum

We went to this AMAZING museum with all the Norman Rockwell paintings. Here are some of my favorites.


liz stanley said...

hey! jared and i have been to that museum as well when we were on our honeymoon. we bought a couple pictures. it was really cool.

Anonymous said...

when i was a young girl, the top painting was one of my favorites as well. one year it was on the cover of the phone book in my hometown and i poured over it every chance i got. there was a norman rockwell museum in philadelphia at the time, and we had three wonderful books that contained all of his saturday evening post covers. i looked at them ALL THE TIME. and when they had an exhibit at the guggenheim in nyc a few years ago, i brought my son to see what i had loved as a girl (he will love your blog when i share it with him) thanks for the post, it brought back some wonderful memories.