Sunday, November 02, 2008


Halloween was a big success. We got the most candy we have ever gotten before. It filled up 5 (large) containers and that's what I love about living in New York. First all 5 of the Blair kids took on the 22 houses of Winslow Circle (our street) at 5:30. It was still bright out so that meant we would be trick or treating for a while. We headed to the Sibbets (family friends) who were with a large group of kids at 6:00. They live on the best trick or treating street ever! Soon we had gone to about 50 houses at only 6:30! Olive ,my sister was very pleased because about every 2nd grader was there. I even ran into my 5th grade friends routes. My bag had a huge rip down the side so it was hard to carry. Before we went trick or treating I just grabbed the largest bag I could find .Not one of those pumpkin bowl things that only hold 50 pieces.Finally at 8:30 we headed home. Betty had stayed home when we finished Winslow Circle but Oscar came along. Well that was the night.


robin k said...

Sounds like a great Halloween, Ralph. Thanks for the recap! Enjoy the candy...

Mom in Mendon said...

Ralph, I'm just going back over your older posts. Thanks for the Halloween details. So what candy is the favorite of the Blair kids? What did you get besides candy? What was the BIGGEST treat you were given?

email us sometime.

xoxox Grandma in Russia