Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half - Blood Prince

Harry Potter 6 is going to be awesome. You should read the book first though. Harry Potter 6 will be airing in theaters July 17th 2009. This movie centers on Harry Potter. He is learning more and more about voldemorts history. There are deaths and Hogwarts is slowly collapsing . It's rated PG so you will probably be able to see it.


A Potter Fan said...

Omg, I know, Harry Potter's awesome, isn't he?!?! Of course I've read the books millions of times .. I LOVE them. I grew up with Harry, as did many of my friends. recently, I started reading 'the philosopher's stone'. I plan to read the entire series again before the sixth movie comes out.

You might like to read/watch Lord of the Rings when you're older. They're like an older version of Harry Potter. Completely different, but totally cool. Ooh, and I love Narnia series, too.

Toodles! [am I the first person to leave comments?]

p.s.: I got to your blog from your mum's blog, which I read, like, everyday :D

A Potter Fan Again said...

And, isn't it horrible that the movie's been pushed back till July?! And did you get to see Dan Radcliffe in NY?

ralph said...

very horrible