Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are concerns

Now, this movie looks terrific and very well done, But I will be very disappointed if these details occur: One, if they just change the story completely and still bother to say it was based on this beloved book, i will be in awe.That would remind me of the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs film. Yes, a good film but was it anything at all like the book besides the fact that it rained food? No not at all whatsoever. If they do that with Where The Wild Things are, I will be annoyed. Another concern is that they won't include some of the most memorable scenes from the book. Now from the looks of the trailer, it looks pretty good, and I like the style of the film but, if my concerns come true, well, a waste of money in my book.Now I will be so happy if they really capture the feel of Maurice Sendak's book. I also will be really glad if they develop the character of each individual wild thing. I also think it would be great if they have the actor for the mom have a good amount of lines. I would like to see more of her in this. Now at a minimum, I want them to stay a little close to the book. Well,thats my thoughts.


Amber said...

I'm really excited for this movie too-- I loved the preview. And I agree with your concerns. If they stray too far from the book, I will be disappointed. Do you know how to design a blog? Mine's just white right now, and I think I'd like it to look a little bit cooler. By the way, when does Toy Story 3 come out?

Barchbo said...

I am interested to see how they make a picture book into a 2 hour film! Astroralph, I am relying on you to break this movie down for me!