Monday, January 25, 2010

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif hopes and ALOT OF CONCERNS

Well first of all, in the book, the characters are all about 12 years old. The actor who plays Percy Jackson is 17. The actor who plays grover I think is 25 or 26. Annabeth is about 22.WOW. THE CASTERS PROBABLY DID NOT READ THIS BOOK. Lots of other factual errors from the book. My hopes are that they will get the scenes from the book correct such as the medusa scene, the casino scene, the mattress scene etc. In the trailer, it showed medusa so that scene will probably be their nice and long. Besides the 3 main characters, the rest of the casting looks good. Sets look well made and I love how they did Mount Olympis. Well, I will give a report when it comes out.

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