Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hopes and Concerns

I do have hopes and concerns for this movie so I hope this turns out as a good post.
HOPES: It would be nice if it were close to the book, and it seems like it from the trailer. Another hope is that it won't have the same really cheesey comedy that the director has done before (Hotel For Dogs). I also want a great cast. The casting for this was hard because the book doesn't state any details of what the characters look like. They just had the stick figures to go by. We'll see how they pulled it off.
CONCERNS: This first concern relates to the second hope. I'm concerned it will have that cheesey comedy. I also am concerned this movie is going to be nothing like real middle school which the book kind of is. My final concern is that they'll add in a ton of extra parts that totally mess up the plot which has ruined a lot of movies I've seen. That's all for now!

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