Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My favorite Movies II

You've seen my favorite movies 1, but here's the ultimate favorite movies 2!

OK, here it is:

My first, OK, here it is: Char-uh-yes, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Star Wars, so Dan will not kill me.
Number 2 is Sky High, or Willy wonka and the Chocolate Factory, or Pixar movies.
Number 3, 'k, let's see...and it is...Herbie, I think.
Fourth, which is Cars, but in the future, because I only saw the preview and it looks pretty good.
Next, Madagascar.
And if you know, this is kind of like new movies, but my last one is: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and Star Wars 3 in the future.
And here's the most fantastic ending: The end.


Rockin' Robin said...

Cool list Ralph. I loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Madagascar was pretty good. I haven't seen Sky High yet. Is it really good? I want to see it.

Heidi Ashton said...

Hi Ralph,

First I just have to tell you that we miss you so much in our Ward. I bet you are making lots of new friends. You are such a special Boy. I hope that Connor can be like you.

When Connors Dad was younger he used to watch The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe EVERY NIGHT to help him go to sleep. Have your parents read the book to you yet? It is very good.
Heidi Ashton

Salem said...

Ralph, I haven't seen any of the movies on your list. Maybe we should have a movie party and we can all bring our favorite movies and watch them.

Grandma Mac said...

After reading your list, I want to go to the movies. I want to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Do they pass out chocolate so you can eat it while you're watching that movie? I love you.

erin said...

K, Ralph I loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And so did Jonah and so did Roxcy. We are reading Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. It's about Charlie going into space. We should go see CATCF again.

jared(ralph) said...

ralph have you seen the movie called RAD? It's about bmx riders, the main guy is cru jones, it's a really good movie - it used to be my favorite and maybe isn't my favorite now but it is still good. i want to see charlie and the chocolate factory. we were on our trip so we haven't seen any movies lately. love jared.

Anonymous said...

By the way Ralphie, I think you will like this site that I found, it's a LEGO site, it's a program that allows you to build legos on the computer in 3D space.
You have to download and install a program but it's free. I'll look at it a little more and let you know if it's cool or not, here's the link anyway

i hope it's cool. love, jared

dan the man said...

You had W.W.two times

Nosey said...

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