Sunday, July 31, 2005

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Gabby said...

Yes, Ralph. That is really what your voice sounds like. And I think it's a great voice!

Grandma Mac said...

Thanks for the joke. I loved hearing your voice. It sounds to me like your voice, but like your voice on a machine.
Love, Grandma

Salem said...

They also have the same middle name as smokey the bear.

erin said...

Good joke Ralph! good joke ralph.

dan the man said...

I love your joke and your blog! I want to do an audio blog too. How do you do it?

grandma blair said...

Hi, Ralph! I loved listening to your voice and to your joke. We went to an orchestra concert last night and heart Lauren and Kristen play in a wonderful orchestra. We loved the beautiful music. The Blair girls are sad that Anny is going to move to Michigan. She has lived with them for almost eight years--since Sophi was born. They are going to have a recital to honor Anny on Tuesday night. Everyone is supposed to bring a limerick about Anny. Here is a limerick I found. I didn't think of it, but I like it. Do you?

Anny is a lady so bright
She travels much faster than light.
She started one day
In her relative way.
And returned on the previous night!

I'll bet you can write a limerick.
I love you.

Grandma Blair

Rockin' Robin said...

Hey Ralph, that's really cool how you recorded your voice. Here's a joke for you.

What's brown and sticky?

a stick!
Love you Ralph!