Friday, February 11, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

Okay, I am more than excited to see this summer movie.
First, it's directed by Jon Favreau, (who I have always liked.)
He did Iron Man (awesome) Iron Man 2 (not half bad) and elf (classic.)
This movie is based on the graphic novel but revved up.
Second, it has Daniel Craig (james Bond) Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones)
and one of the lately growing in popularity stars: Olivia Wilde.
Here are some of my thoughts. I don't think this movie will
be a classic. I doubt this movie is going to be the mark of the start
of a whole new generation of films; i,e Avatar. Not saying it won't be good.
I think it will be sweet, but maybe more for movie parties than life-changing.
This is one of those movie you want on your ipod/ipad. I don't really have
any concerns, but I do hope they do an iconic putting on of the hat for
Harrison Ford like in Indiana Jones. This movie will be all that it should be.
Who knows. Maybe it will be more.

Here are two trailers (the first one, and the superbowl one)

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