Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brave Trailer + Poster

I am so excited for Pixar's upcoming film "Brave" (2012).
Especially because Cars 2 (though I haven't seen it yet)
was kind of a disappointment to me because of the fact that it was made.
It was the first pixar film to be made all for the money
and not for a truly good movie. Well thankfully pixar has noticed,
so right away they released a trailer and poster for Brave as a way of saying
(I know our movie sucks, but its okay because next year, our movie will be good).
And it does look good. I was a bit upset because it has a very similar
feel to Tangled but really that's not very true. Its just two princess movies.
So Brave is about the Scottish princess Merida and her troubles after trying
to save her fathers kingdom. Since I am now living in France I put "visiting Scotland"
on my list because there is some fantastic scenery in the trailer.
I also think the princess has a great look with some major
shaun white bright red frizzy hair. People on Youtube are already
making comments like "This movie has no soul" and "help! its a ginger!"
Haha, well here is the trailer for brave and i will do my best to
keep you guys up with all the latest news.

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