Sunday, June 26, 2005

Favorite Sports

Here are my favorite--10 favorite--sports and games that I like to do:

10. Tag

9. Kickball

8. Basketball

7. Lacrosse

6. Volleyball

5. Football

4. Capture the flag

3. Tennis

2. Soccer

1. Baseball


dan the man said...

ALL sports are funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

little paul said...

Hey ralph,
I think your list is just right exept I think football and baseball should swithch places. Check out my new blog.

Super Cool Aunt Rachel said...

Ralph, Ralph, Ralph, . . .You forgot swimming. What about swimming? It is #1 on my list.

Salem said...

Um Ralph, you accidentally put tennis, capture the flag, soccer, and baseball ahead of football. You should fix it so that football is #1. At least make it so football is ahead of tennis. Only wimpy guys play tennis. Do you know how to play lacrosse? I would like to learn.

roxcy said...

Hi Ralph! I agree with Aunt Rachel, swimming is really fun.

jonah jonah jonah jonah jonah said...

Sometime I want to learn tennis. I really want to play basketball sometimes. Ralph, sometime can you sleep over for one night?

Rockin' Robin said...
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Rockin' Robin said...

Wow! You play alot of sports Ralph! Are you good at lacrosse? It looks hard to me. I like track (running). And don't listen to Salem. Tennis is NOT a wimpy sport.

ralph said...

Dan the Man: Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank You!!!!!!!!!!

Little Paul and Salem: Football should not be ahead of those. I think it should have been on the last. In fact, I thought that capture the flag would be first.

Aunt Rachel and Roxcy: I forgot about that. I would have put it on 2nd or 1st.

Jonah: I love, love tennis, and we're gonna play it today, and today is Thursday. And I already slept over at your house for the Star Wars party. And I like basketball.

Rockin' Robin: I agree, it's not a wimpy sport. I played Lacrosse in gym, and it wasn't that hard to me, we played kid Lacrosse, and we didn't play with hard balls.

favorite uncle jared said...

ralphie, i don't like baseball very much, i would put snowskiing and paragliding as #2 and #1.
ALSO, you forgot to put death grips - level 6 on there, or is that not a sport?

Anonymous said...

tag has got to be one of the best competitive sports around. keep at it!