Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My favorite colors

Here is another TOP 10 list. I like making lists. Especially the TOP 10 kind. Do you have any ideas for lists?

10. brown

9. grey

8. black

7. purple

6. white

5. red

4. green

3. blue

2. silver

1. gold

Don't you think gold is a neat favorite color?


Salem said...

Wow, that's a great list! It's pretty close to mine. Other ideas for lists is favorite things you have done in New York, and reasons why you like Maude or Olive or Oscar or your Mom or Dad. Or you Uncle Salem.

robin said...

Gold is pretty close to Grandpa Stanley's and Great Grandma Rudi's favorite color of YELLOW!

Grandma Mac said...

My favorite colors are spectrum kinds. You know when you look up close at a prism or crystal and the colors shift around and they're all beautiful and there's lots of light? That's what I LOVE. But besides colors, I love YOU!

ralph said...

Thank you Salem, I got a few ideas on a list of a page, it said Maude, Olive, Oscar, library, but not Uncle Salem, so I'll be sure to think up a list why I like Uncle Salem.

Robin: I like yellow too. I forgot to put on my color list yellow. I should have put it on like 3rd or 4th.

Grandma Mac: Thank you for loving me. And I like spectrum kinds too. Anyway, what does the word spectrum mean?

jonah jonah jonah jonah jonah said...

I went to Mom's store and I got a pizza that instead of pepperoni and real cheese it was CANDY! And do you know what, my favorite color is blue and I like power rangers and that's all.

Gabby said...

Jonah, I think your Mom Store is really great. How much Mom Money did the candy pizza cost?

Have you ever seen the Power Ranger movie we made starring Ralph? You can watch it on our computer some time. It even has the real Power Ranger music.