Tuesday, July 26, 2005


This time, instead of best loved ice cream, which ice cream is my favorite, its my other favorite foods. And here's the list...

1. You know what.
2. You won't believe this one: poooooooooopcorn shriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimp
3. This is a cool food: my favorite candy bar, which is butterfinger
4. 4. 4. OK, my second favorite candy bar which is: skor
5. Macaroni with cheese and no ketchup
6. is tuna castle (or casserole)
7. which is vegetable pasta soup
8. which is spaghetti
9. ravioli
10. is da da da da...pizza!

Hope you like the food, dude.


Salem said...

Ralph, it seems like all you like to eat is pasta and pizza. Are you Italian? I can't stand seafood. It's gross. I do like popcorn chicken though. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... popcorn chicken.

Robin Kendall said...

Ralph, I like all your favorite foods, except I don't think I've ever had a skor candy bar. I'll have to try one of those. Also, artichokes would definitely be on my list of favorite foods. And I love seafood...shrimp and crab especially.

ralph said...

Salem: seafood is NOT gross. And popcorn chicken? No. Popcorn shrimp? Yes. And I'm not Italian, and pizza and pasta are like the 6th and 7th on my list.

Robin: I LOVE crab. And I like artichokes too. When I first tried a skor bar, I tried it in an ice cream, my mom got it.

See you later, calculator.

Salem said...

Ralph, Three out of your first four are sweets and then you added gross popcorn shrimp. After that it's Macaroni(pasta), tuna casserole(pasta, if it's the kind I had growing up), Spaghetti(pasta), ravioli(pasta), and pizza. That means half of your top ten is pasta or pizza. Pasta is the first real food on your list. Are you sure you did not grow up in Italy? Oh and yeah seafood is gross.

Aunt Rachel said...

Did you know that when we were kids Aunt Sara's favorite candy bar was a butterfinger? I wonder if it still is?
Salem if Ralph doesn't want to admit he is from Italy her doesn't have to, but we know the truth!

Grandma Mac said...

Ralph, Reading your list makes me hungry. I have to stop writing so I can go and eat.
Love, Grandma

PS: I thought Jared was the one who liked Butterfingers. I wonder what food he and Liz will eat on their trip.

dan the man said...

What is pooooooooooooooopcorn?