Sunday, July 17, 2005

My favorite toys

My favorite toy is legos. I like them because they are fun to build with.

I also like lite-brites. I got a star wars one at the end of my cello chart.

I like bionicles. They are kind of like legos only you build them differently.

I also like action figures. I only have a few though.

I like dress ups too.

And, if books count, they would be my favorite. I like Harry Potter books and Magic Treehouses. We got the new one, Harry Potter and the Half-blood prince. I think there is going to be one more coming out. At the library, they didn't have the first Harry Potter book, so I got the second one instead. Anyway, what are your favorite toys?


Gabby said...

Ralph, It is difficult for me to imagine anyone liking legos more than you. I'll bet you spend 500 hours a year building lego projects! You are a Lego artist.

I really like the Harry Potter legos you designed. I think Dobby is my favorite. Or maybe Harry -- I really how you created his glasses.

Grandma Mac said...

Do art supplies count as toys? When I was a little girl, I liked getting clay or things I could use to make something.

So Ralph, have you been to Lego Land yet?

Heidi Ashton said...

I just asked Connor what his favorite toy was and he said "Every Toy That I Get" I don't think he really has a favorite toy. Every day is a differnt favorite toy for him. Kinda funny.

Chloe just said "I won't know" when I asked her what her favorite toy is. I guess she is a little young to know.
Heidi Ashton

liz said...

i really love how you know html and i don't.