Saturday, July 22, 2006

Inviting Freinds

Yesterday we invited some freinds.They were James Tailor, Emily Dowdle,and Jacob.We had lots of fun.We made a fort and played hide and seek in it.We also played dinosaures.I was a Pteranodon.I woude of been another dinosuar but I just happend to not change my dinosaur.I played with legos also I,m working on somthing like a Cyber Space.We drew pictures.I drew a alien and superheros around it.James drew an alien.Emily drew Super woman.Olive drew a castle.I played with cars with Oscar and Jacob.But they tryed to steal each others.They were very Funny.somtimes problems happend but the only thing that mattered is that we had fun.BYE BYE!!

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Design Mom said...

Pteranodon are pretty cool. If I was a dinosaur I think I would pick triceratops.