Friday, July 21, 2006

Nanny McPhee

A few days ago we got Nanny Mc.phee on damand. Its About a dad who had 7 kids. They where very notty. The dad already had had 17 nannys.One time they did a trick where they got a chicken and put on the babies clothes on it.The nanny thought they were eating the babie.That nanny went away.The dad went back to the agency.There were no more nannys.But then he heard a voice that said....YOU WILL HAVE TO COMMENT!!! to find out.Any way all the rooms and sets where colerul.Its funny so whoever has on damand should try it.bye bye.


Ben said...

So what did the voice say?

ralph said...

WELL!what do you think.I thought you already saw it!!!! it said the person you need is nanny mc.phee.

Josh said...

I think they should have tricked the nanny by turning her into a balloon.

I want to see this movie now, it sounds good.