Friday, July 28, 2006

A moutain of legos

Yesterday I got a whole other basket of legos. (I MEAN REAL BIG BASKET) I was luck I had a friend over. Today my family played alot with them. Olive built a some sort of a WELL a space ship. Maude built a hotel made out of green and blue.I made a whole LEGO CITY. I am delighted.
Wonder If I shoude try Build somthing out of every single lego!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woud'nt that be cool? Wonder what it would be like if you lived in a house made of legos. NOW THAT WOUDE BE COOL. I'm already like a lego master. I love legos!

By the way check my blog to I'm putting on a captain zoom 3. Bye


ralph said...

I had tons of fun playing Legos this morning. You truly are a Lego Master.

Design Mom said...

Oops. Mom said the comment above.

Salem said...

Ralph, I live really close to a city of legos. It's called Legoland. Maybe someday you could come visit and we could go together. Check it out!