Sunday, January 20, 2008

Captain Zooms new

I am going to begin a whole new story. What made him a super hero... how would he meet Astro A. Comment ideas they might be in the story. And I will discribe the new super villian. Favorite food-lima beans (captain zoo cant eat these)
Favorite weapon-lightmyphyer pronounced lyt mo fyer

Favorite book-How to be a super villian by an alien in the stolen galaxy on planet kidna-per

He is bright blue with green blue spots and a red uniform
See Ya!


Mom in Mendon said...

WAIT a minute! Wait just a minute!! I'm sitting on the edge of my chair wondering what will happen next to poor Indiana Jones who has been dropped into a dark and misty Japanese jungle and now you're trying to tell me about Capt. Zoom!?

ralph said...

Idianas coming don't worry