Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It is told that there is a glowing jelly bean deep somewhere in the earth and of course someone has to find it....but who will that be.Simple ME RALPH!
Now the packing (my favorite part,and the hardest) okay so I need to find the secret under ground passage to my brothers room.Kay let us see let us ignore the sound of the breeze ,the songs of the birds and most important ignore the cereal commercial.Hmmm it should be under this lamp ummm... hugh! what! AAAAHHH! BAM! here now lets get that comic some legos and of course that batman key chain and..what else OH! I almost forgot! jelly beans!BEEB BEEB BEEB WHAT? ALL tell tomorrow but...Uhoh.......


Mom in Mendon said...

A glowing jelly bean? What if, just before Ralph-the-Hero gets to the glowing jelly bean, his little brother is playing in the dirt and he accidentally digs up the jelly bean and picks it up and eats it?

Love, Grandma Mac

PS: You write good stories, Ralph.

ralph said...

If that happened grandma it would be a big problem!