Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Favorite levels in lego starwars the complete saga

1.The kashyyyk level in episode 3
2.Discovery on kamino
3.Queen amidalas castle
4.bounty hunter chase
5.droid factory
6.pod race
7.emporer palpatiness place episode 3
8.Darth vader
9.jedi battle episode 2
10.darth maul

As you can see the only levels were from episodes 1-3 because I didn't get any further.


Erin said...

did you unlock the secret door yet? is that in episode 1-3?

R-Eight said...

It seems like you know everything about Star Wars Ralph.

ralph said...

well thanks aunt Rachal or how ever you spell it but I think dan's the one and Erin what is the secret door?

R-Eight said...

the secret door is only on the 1st game. It's the tantive 4. You play as darth vader and a storm trooper. my faverote is Darth maul.
I have lego star wars number one and two.

from, Dan

ralph said...

Oh thats what the secretr dood is! thanks dan!